Adding Widgets

Adding Widgets is very simple. Wordpress uses a drag and drop system to add widgets. First you will Click Appearance in the left hand column. Now in the drop down menu, click widgets. You will see the list of widgets in the left side and the widget areas in the right. 

Widgets screen on a WordPress site

To add the widget to an area, simply drag the widget form the left into the location container on the right. You will see on your side, page with sidebar, footer, and homepage. Note: when creating pages set the theme f the page to Page with Sidebar otherwise the widgets will not show up. Depending on your site, the homepage will have a special configuration. Your Customer Success team member will walk you through the home page. 

Next add in all the data. Al the bottom of the widget container you will see checkboxes. You can select to hide on or show on the selected pages. This will add or hide the widget on the pages. Below this you can also use the visibility portion. this works as a sort of boolean addition. you can select show if author is, or page is, or category etc. 


Remember to hit save. Please contact to learn about the individual widgets!

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